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The Surfer's Journal #29.5

On the cover: We’ve explored the tube from every conceivable POV, including the surfer’s, and recent developments in “spherical capture” are rubbing right up against virtual reality, as displayed by Jordy Maree in South Africa.

In TSJ 29.5, we pay close inspection to waypoints as far as Namibia’s Skeleton Coast to take stock of that sand-dredging bender, and as wide as the snowsurf movement deep in the mountains of Japan’s Hokkaido Island. Profiles of Waikiki style staple Arthur “Toots” Anchignes and Australian surfer-rocker-taxidermist Jaleesa Vincent provide contemporary written portraiture, while a look at the premillennial photography of dirther Rennie Ellis and a 10-spread roundup of the world’s best surf shooters’ latest work offers page-stopping visual stimuli. All that, and more, between the flaps.

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