Lost Driver Surfboard

...Lost Driver Surfboard

…Lost Driver Surfboard Model Description: The Driver developed when one of the bigger, more powerful, yet still new school surfers on tour came looking for something special for the California contest season. The design concept wasn’t new, but the resulting board was. Defined by a long, straight rocker through the middle of the board that then lifts to a healthy nose rocker (so the board redirects when put on a rail) and a low, but curvy tail rocker that’s moved way back under the rear foot (for quick turns in tight sections). The same goes for the outline: it’s long and straight through the middle (netting a wider than average nose and rear hip area, allowing it to be ridden close to traditional shortboard widths with a lot of curve from just in front of the fins, through the tail. The wide point is pushed further back, creating a turning fulcrum between the feet.

These elements are combined with a flattish deck line, full rails, a thickness flow that holds volume into the tips, nets a board that glides through flats, holds long arcing carves and that still snaps in the pocket. Unlike any other board in the Lost line and is not only being quickly adopted by top team riders pros looking for something new, but many honestly feel that the Driver is the board that can get us all back onto a modern High Performance thruster shortboard. Recommended to be ridden close to typical shortboard dimensions, with higher volume than normal due to the design.

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