Lost Mini Driver Surfboard

...Lost Mini Driver Surfboard

…Lost Mini Driver Surfboard Model Description: While preparing a quiver for an Indo trip Kolohe wanted something really, really fast the he could take off extremely deep and pump through tubes from way back. Starting with a 6’0″ Driver, they shrunk the board to a 5’8″ and lowered the nose rocker at the tip and 12″ back till it matched the 4″ and 16″ from before. The nose was widened until it matched up the same way. This gives a screaming fast low nose rocker with a forward placed outline, both attributes give tons of drive. Then the tail was rounded off, but left the width at 12″ the same. This gave a very clean and elliptical outline that was expected to move free and easy inside the tube. The Mini Driver performed as hoped. Interestingly enough, one of Kolohe’s buddies (Taylor Clark) grabbed it after it came back from Indo and used it in the US Nationals event in Huntington Beach. He surfed it in 2′ slop all the way to a second place finish in the Open Men’s division. The board worked in everything..

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