Lost V2 Stub Surfboard

...Lost V2 Stub Surfboard

…Lost V2 Stub Surfboard Model Description: A wider, thicker, flatter, fatter, fuller, faster, floatier, funner, freakishly fantastic prodgetic-ly paddling stepdown version of the V2 Rocket. The nose is flat, full and wide, the Rocker is lower overall and volume is generously distributed further into the rails and farther out to the nose and tail; So ride it a couple inches shorter, and a good ½ wider, than a Rocket or V2 to get that great “Rocket” feeling in even smaller, more crowded junky waves. Shown here in “E-Technologies” EPS and SuperSap Epoxy, with mosaic bamboo inlay deck and resin tint bottom. All V2 Stubs are designed with 5 fin options.

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