Meet Our Live Helpers

Meet Our Live Helpers

Our Live Help staff is dedicated to helping you pick out the perfect item whether it be a surfboard, skateboard, or any of our thousands of online products! Get instant answers to your questions from our helpful and knowledgable staff!

Ever wonder who you were chattin’ with?

Meet our Live Helpers below!

Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Austin Martin

Years surfing: 15

Boards in your quiver: 5’6 Dumpster Diver, 5’7 Weirdo Ripper (EPS), 5’11 Fred Rubble, 5’7 New Flyer, 5’6 Rocket, 5’9 Rock Up, 5’6 Round Nose Fish, 6’11 Ellis gun

Magic board: 5’6 Lost Rocket

Favorite surf spot: Pascuales Mexico as long as its not death defying huge

Surf Icon: Richard Martin (My Dad) and Bobby Martinez

Dream Wave: 3 to 4 foot overhead clean barreling beach break with not one other person out


Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Tom Kiernan

Years surfing: 23

Boards in your quiver: 25-30 Everything from one fin to five and 5’4"-11"6" 

Magic board: Currently, my 7’0" Dick Catri egg and my 5’8" CI EPS Neckbeard are treating me quite well! 

Favorite surf spot: #1’s & Treachery, Seal rocks, NSW, Australia 

Surf Icon: Hard to pick one, but MP, Curren, Slater, Knox & Reynolds are my faves

Dream Wave: Head high right point with sections for all types of boards!


Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Steve Meehan

Years surfing: 10

Boards in your quiver: 5’4 Dumpater Diver, 6’0 TKnox, 9’4 Stewart Pro Model 

Magic board: Once in the 60’s at Woodstock

Favorite surf spot: Lido West, Long Beach, NY

Surf Icon: My brother Tyler Hallen

Dream Wave: No, I dream of Jeannie 🙂


Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Mike Pimental

Years surfing: 15

Boards in your quiver: 5’3 Lost Motivator, 5’2 Starr Rocket, 5’6 Channel Islands Whip, 5’7 Channel Islands Fred Rubble, 6’8 Retro Single Fin

Magic board: 5’8 Channel Islands Sashimi, 5’10 Channel Islands Five Model, 5’10 Channel Islands MBM+

Favorite surf spot: Punta Mango, El Salvador

Surf Icon: Andy Irons

Dream Wave: P-Pass


Meet Our Live Helpers    

Name: Dylan Cousart

Years surfing: 12

Boards in your quiver: 5’9 Channel Islands semi pro, 5’7 Channel Islands Black Flag Whip (freaking mouthful), 5’4 JMR single fin, and an assortment of junkers

Magic board: Hopefully the next one

Favorite surf spot: Manu Bay, Raglan, New Zealand

Surf Icon: CJ and Occy

Dream Wave: Punchy right hand point


Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Chris Splendore

 Years skimming: 20 – Pro since 2005

Boards in your quiver: 5’2 Neckbeard, 5’4 Dumpy, 5’7 Remix, 5’8 Remix, 5’9 Cannibal

Skimboards: Small carbon/epoxy Victoria, Medium/Small carbon/epoxy Victoria

Magic board: All the Dumpster Diver’s I have ridden have been magic and my new 5’7 Remix is the Jam!

Magic skimboard: My Vic carbon/epoxy is the best skimboard I have ever ridden

Favorite surf spot: MSurfed a lot of amazing places but I’ll be honest…can’t beat it when it’s firing right down the street from home!

Favorite skim spot: West Street, Laguna

Surf Icon: Andy Irons

Dream Wave: A long lined up right with barrel sections and air sections, warm water and cold beer on the beach!


Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Rachel Bardin

Years surfing: 13

Boards in your quiver: 5 or 6

Magic board: 5’7" quad fish and 9’3 single fin noserider, both Grasshoppers by Richard Prause. 

Favorite surf spot: Wherever feels like home

Surf Icon: Gerry Lopez, not only for his surfing but for telling important stories.

Dream Wave: Variety is the spice of life but clean conditions are always nice.


Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Patrick Conner ‘PCon’

Years surfing: 20+

Boards in your quiver: 5’4 Ken White, 5’7 Dumbster Diver, 5’11 Rubble, 6’0 Remix and a single-fin beater

Magic board: Every Merrick I get 

Favorite surf spot: D-bah

Surf Icon: Dad and A.I.

Dream Wave: Barreling beach break

Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Jared Jeff – ‘Surf Station Bodyboard Specialis’

Years surfing: 14

Boards in your quiver: 2) 41.5″ Custom X Hawaii Limited boards, 41″ Brian Wise Custom X, 41.5″ BZ Hubb Fundamental, 41.5″ Division71 The Standard, 42″ NMD Stox

Magic board: My 41.5″ Custom X Hawaii Limited boards

Favorite surf spot: Leftovers and Pupukea Hawaii

Surf Icon: My Parents and JHub

Dream Wave: 3-5 foot clean wedge draining, and opening up into a channel for an easy paddle out.


Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Tory Strange

Years surfing: 40

Boards in your quiver: 13

Magic board: Channel Islands Sperm Whale

Favorite surf spot: Glassy Pavones – double overhead and breaking past the canoes

Surf Icon: Slater, Curren, and Lopez

Dream Wave: My backyard breaking like Pavones (I saw it in a dream once) 

Meet Our Live Helpers

Name: Matt Ollis

Years surfing: 20

Boards in your quiver: Let’s just say I have a lot

Magic board: 5’11" Flyer2 from 2001, 5’11" MBM from 2003, 5’9" Remix, 5’11" Mayhem Whiplash from 2007

Favorite surf spot: Pools Beach, PR

Surf Icon: Robert Slater

Dream Wave: Duranbah with 5 people out