Gear Reviews & Happenings


  • Surf-station is the definition of local, and there customer service is awesome. Also, there prices are super competitive, often beating the big box stores and websites. Free shipping is awesome too. Keep your money local, shop here.

    • Shayan Khatibi
    • Purchased: 9" California Classic Longboard Fin
  • Surf station was great! My order came packaged very nicely and arrived exactly when they said it would!

    • Geremy cook
    • Purchased: Gorilla Traction Pad
  • Have visited your shop for over 25 years, bought surf and boogie boards, etc... You all are very helpful, even for a 60-year old surfer like myself. Bought my first Al Merrick board from you after renting one for a test ride. Thanks. You are always very kind.

    • P. Mark Steingruber
    • Purchased: FCS Soft Surfboard Racks
  • Great service!

    • Børge Oftedal
    • Purchased: Longboard Surfboard
  • Pretty cool! Your prices are like $20 less!

    • Tana hakanson
    • Purchased: ...Lost V3 Rocket Surfboard