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How to Choose a Sunscreen

Simple Ways to Avoid Looking Like a Lobster This Summer

As the summer season hits full stride, one will begin to see an influx of sea critters both on and off the beach…lobsters. We’re sorry to disappoint you seafood lovers out there, but we aren’t talking about this in a sticky-fingers-and-melted-butter kind of way. We’re talking about red, hot, miserable beach goers filling our streets and shopping centers. Are you really wanting to be one of those people this summer? The obvious answer is no. So here are some of our tips for your sun care routine this summer.


Sun Care Guide


The Basics

First thing’s first: there are two types of UV rays out there that can bake you this summer: UVA and UBV. UVA rays penetrate the skin on a deeper level than UVB rays, which causes unsightly premature wrinkling and aging of your skin. This type of ray also creates more damage on a cellular level than UBV rays do. On the other hand, UBV rays damage the outer layer of the skin and are the main cause of burns and play a key role in skin cancer.

Picking a Sun Screen for You

Next time you’re at your local surf shop, you’re going to want to pick up a broad spectrum sunscreen that protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. There are two different types of sun screen out there: mineral and chemical. Mineral sunscreens work by using Zinc or Titanium dioxide and sit on the outer layer of your skin to block UV rays. Chemical sunscreens sink into the skin and protect it on a deeper level, but most brands create a blend of the two for their products.

What you’re looking for in a sunscreen as a surfer is a screen of SPF 15 or more, as this helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer. If you are going to be out in the water surfing, swimming, or sweating on the beach (most of us will be doing all three this summer), you want to pick out a water resistant sunscreen and make sure to apply it about 30 minutes before getting in the sun to make for maximum protection and absorption.


Sun Care Guide

Our surf campers are ready prepped for some fun in the sun with these shades and lids from O'Neill![/caption]


Some Extra Tips for Happy Skin This Summer

Most people apply only about 1/3 of the sunscreen that they should be using.
The recommended amount is approximately 3 tablespoons, while most only use  one!

Make sure to apply even on cloudy days!
Even on overcast days, about 90% of UV rays can still make it through.

You should be reapplying about every two hours when surfing, swimming or after toweling off.
No, really. No marathon sessions should ever go without multiple applications.

An accessory never hurts! Especially while surfing.
The reflection of the sun off the water can increase UV exposure by 50%, so protect your skin by throwing on a hat or a pair of shades (polarized are the best!).

Don’t forget your ears, hands, feet and all the other sensitive areas!
There’s a reason why this is a hot spot for skin cancer removal later on in life…sunbathers often forget about these spots when applying their sunscreen.

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