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Stand Up Paddle Boards otherwise known as SUP’s are a must have for any avid water-man. Whether you enjoy cruising on the lake, floating down the river or surfing the waves you can do it all with the right SUP. Paddle boards are great for all levels of experience, from beginners to experts and Surf Station has the SUP for you. Perfect for those flat summer days in the surf or a family cruise to watch the sunset over the lake. The Surf Station has you covered with a wide variety of paddle boards ranging from the ultra light weight NSP Coco Mat SUPs to the more advanced Channel Islands Caddie Paddle Boards made by Surftech.


Surf Station Stand Up Paddle Boards

Surf Station

Bru Surf Stand Up Paddle Boards

Bru Surf

NSP Stand Up Paddle Boards


Michael Dolsey Stand Up Paddle Boards

Michael Dolsey

Surftech Stand Up Paddle Boards


Totem Stand Up Paddle Boards


Adventure Paddle Boarding Stand Up Paddleboards


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