surfboard fins
Longboard fins are different from other surfboard fin setups. Unlike the typical fin that fits tightly into a fin box or plug, the base of a longboard fin only fills part of the fin box. This allows for adjustability to the fin setup. You can insert an extra long fin so that the fin can sit closer to the back of the board giving you more control. Or you can put it closer to the center of the board for looser turns and more manuverablility. The ability to customize the fin to match the conditions of the surf is very important for longboarders. Longboard surfboard fins at the Surf Station Store from top brands like Captain Fin Company, FCS, Rainbow Fin Company & True Ames. Choose from different fin designs and sizes. If you have any questions, chat with one of our professional expert support staff and they can help you decide which longboard fin is best for your surfboard.

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