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Surf Station is the largest retailer of New Surfboards and Used Surfboards in the world! That’s right! We have thousands of boards to choose from including: shortboards, longboards, fishes, hybrids, funboards, soft tops, beginner boards, stand up paddleboards and more! No matter what your age or skill level, we’ve got the surfboard for you! And if we don’t have it, we’ll find it for you!

Choose from top shortboard surfboard brands like Channel Islands, DHD, Firewire, Lost, Pyzel, and Sharp Eye. Our quality longboard brands include Anaconda, Bing, Donald Takayama, Robert August, Black Rose Manufacturing, Justin Quintal, Stewart, Local Motion, Walden, Hobie, Sunshine, Modern and C.C. Rider. The Surf Station also carries a soft surfboards from California Board Company, Platino, Scott Burke, Softech, and Triple X.

Surf Station is proud to be the Channel Islands East Coast Warehouse. Our selection is un-matched by any other and contains all the latest models. We ship all our surfboards domestically within the United States and internationally! CLICK HERE for shipping rates. Can’t find the board you’re looking for?? Custom Ordering Available! Get the board exactly how you want it with with Surf Station’s Custom Surfboard Order Form – CLICK HERE!

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