Lost C3 Carbon Cork Surfboard

…Lost Cork Surfboard Model Description: A breakthrough in surfboard technology with an exposed cork deck for traction instead of wax. Drew Baggett discusses his innovative cork surfboard design available from Lost and Drew’s own Inspired Surfboards. Our cork is purposely left exposed, with no fiberglas over the top of it. When vacuumed onto the carbon, the C3 process pulls resin completely through the cork, adhering it firmly to the deck. The excess resin is sanded off, leaving a smooth, raw cork surface to stand on. The is no need for wax on the cork areas of the C3 boards. When wet, the cork becomes a natural, non abrasive, non-slip surface. Standing and surfing on the C3 cork deck is akin to putting on a nice pair of sandals after walking barefoot for hours ….smoothing out the ride.

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