Agency Bull Ant Soft Surfboard

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The Agency Bull Ant Soft Surfboard is perfect for waves shoulder high and under. We have found that having this board in our quiver means that we surf more due to its performance in very poor conditions. The Bull Ant is ideally suited to a Quad fin setup and I have been using the Futures Middle Finger along with the S4 by Simon Anderson but the Futures Controller are perfect fit for the Vector Foil through the tail. The bottom has a full-vee with a double concave which starts from the centre, this enables an extremely fast acceleration! As soon as you get to your feet you can feel the Bullant Take Off! The beveled rail lessens the volume for increased sensitivity in rail to rail turns whilst providing greater buoyancy and maintaining a performance rail profile. The wide diamond tail provides multiple pivot points for fast direction changes off the back foot!

• High Performance Soft Top Surfboard
• 5 Fin Setup for Quad or Thruster
• Works Great in Smaller Surf
• Perfect for Beginners or Experienced Surfers
• High Volume for Easy Paddling
• Shortboard Outline Allows for Performance Surfing

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