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Apex Avac 46 x 1/2 Skimboard - Black

The APEX AVAC represents a radical change to the high performance skimboard design. Made with multiple layers of Woven E-glass fiberglass, high density foam core, Vacuum Mold Technology and reinforced throughout. This is a very durable, light weight skimboard. The AVAC is light enough to easily handle, but heavy enough not to fly away. The AVAC is fast so skimboarders get the speed they need to catch the desired wave. The rocker has been perfectly tuned for each of the board sizes, allowing for a fast and smooth transition from the sand to the wave. And the AVAC is flexible to accommodate your ability and personal riding style. The AVAC is the Lightest, Strongest, Pro-Shape skimboard ever for the money! Whether you're getting started or stepping up to contest skimming, the AVAC will let you conquer with ease and a smile. The AVAC series has been designed with specific core thickness for each size. Careful consideration has been taken into account for the rider's size, weight and experience. The core thickness is optimized to give the perfect float, flex and feel. The thin 1/4" inch core on the AVAC 36 is perfect for those who are getting their first taste of skimming. The AVAC 41 increases the core to 3/8" to allow the sand skimmer to make their transition to wave riding. The AVAC 46 has a 1/2" core, great for wave riding as well as sand skimming along the shore. The 51" AVAC has a 5/8" core exactly like the Pro Skimboard Line. Durable Woven E-Glass Fiberglass, High Density Foam Core, Vacuum Mold Technology, Perfect Rocker Design, Nose, Tail, Rail-Band Reinforcement, Custom Core Thickness