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Birdhouse Tony Hawk Plague Doctor 8.0" Complete Skateboard

Birdhouse Tony Hawk Plague Doctor 8.0" Complete Skateboard 

Birdhouse was founded by pro skateboarders Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992. As the skateboard boom of the 1980s began to slow and Hawk was nearing “retirement,” he and Welinder decided to put their passion and efforts into merchandise. They named their company Birdhouse in reference to Hawk’s last name. Birdhouse skateboard decks are unlike any other brand on the market. Just take one look at the graphics on their boards and you’ll understand why! Their decks feature a variety of fun, cartoon-styled images such as animals, people, and inanimate objects (with goofy faces). They also have decks that sport the Grim Reaper and the “Hawk.”

Birdhouse completes are made of strong and durable 7 ply maple. Already pre-assembled, The skateboard comes equipped with a deck, trucks, bearings, hardware, grip tape, and wheels. They are perfect for any riders’ skill level, whether beginner or pro. Birdhouse skateboard completes are made for smooth cruising and trying out new tricks in skateparks and neighborhoods. Their boards also come in many of the same graphic designs featured on their individual decks. Tony Hawk will always be an idol to the skateboard community, and his Birdhouse brand is no exception. Watch your riding reach new heights with gear designed by the best. With Birdhouse, you can’t go wrong!

When it comes to the riding lifestyle, Hawk and Welinder are sure about one thing: skateboards. Choose Birdhouse as your skateboard brand—you won’t be disappointed!