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Channel Islands Neckbeard 5'10 Used Surfboard


Channel Islands Neckbeard 5'10 x 20 x 2 1/2 Used Surfboard

This board is in very old and worn condition.  Top of the deck is very pressed in around the stringer and part of the pad is ripped off.  Repairs to large dings on both sides of the tail pad seem functional for now but not pretty.  A lot of scuffs and pressure dings to both sides of the deck. A few spots of Sun Cure repairs to fair-sized cracks in the rails seem functional but sloppy, two large professional repairs to the underside of the deck up toward the nose feel well done.  Bottom of the deck also feels like it is starting to press in around the original FCS fin boxes.  Fair sized crease on the bottom of the deck.  This board may have some life left in it for the price, but it is on its last leg please expect a lot of wear and tear.  Comes as a 3-fin FCS fin box setup, made of standard PU construction.

Used Board Condition

Condition 4 - A usable surfboard but not in good shape. Some dings repaired but not very well. Or it may be an old surfboard that has not much life left.