Channel Islands T Low 5'8 x 18 3/8 x 2 3/16 23.9L Used Surfboard

The T-Low began with Tanner Gudauskas seeking a lower rockered shortboard and has resulted in an ultra-forgiving all-around performance board. The plan shape of the T-Low takes a different path than the extreme curves in the DFR and Proton by utilizing medium entry and low exit rockers. T-Low bottom contours combine single concave at the 12% mark to flat exit through the back fin. The rails are tapered so consider riding this board 1/16% thicker than your DFR, Rubble, Proton, Rookie, etc. This board has a few dings that have been professionally repaired along with typical pressure dings. It has a tri-fin FCS setup and has a rounded squash tail. The volume is 23.9 L.

Used Board Condition

Condition 6 - Although this board is worn or old, there is still some life left in this surfboard. Repaired dings are satisfactorily repaired by some surfers standards.