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Length: 5’7"
Width: 19 5/8"
Thickness: 2 1/2"
Volume: 29.3L
Fin Setup: Twin Fin FCS II
Tech: Poly
Tail Shape: Squash

Christenson Lane Splitter Surfboard - FCS II

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The Christenson Lane Splitter Surfboard. This model from Christenson is your answer to a more performance based, shortboard style feel from a twin fin. This board has a tighter turning radius compared to a traditional twin, while it still enjoys being ridden rail to rail. This is due in part to the deep vee that runs through the bottom of the board that flattens out a bit right toward the end of the tail. There is still plenty of volume in this shape, with a lot of foam running through the front third of the board, ending in a beaked nose. There is a small bump or wing toward the tail, providing more hold that compliments the true twin fin setup. 

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Can I return a Surfboard?

  • The board must have NEVER have been ridden, used, waxed or damaged in any way.
  • Customer is responsible for ALL shipping/custom charges to return/exchange.
  • $50 restocking fee will be charged for all returned surfboards.
  • The board must be returned/exchanged within 10 business days of purchase.
  • We strongly recommend insuring all returned or exchanged orders.
  • We are NOT responsible for any returned board that are damaged/lost in transit.
  • Any damage sustained upon return will be deducted from the refund amount. 

Does the Surfboard come with fins?

• Typically not, unless stated in the Product Description that fins are included.

What is the right Surfboard for me?

• It depends on things like height, weight and experience level. Check out our Surfboard Volume Calculator to find the right size board for you.

Can I Custom Order a Surfboard?

• Yes, we do have direct lines with a lot of the board manufacturers and can submit a custom order. Please fill out our Custom Surfboard Order Form if interested.