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Custom X X1 41'' Bodyboard, Black/Orange

This size chart was made by the Surf Station. Personal sizes, or preferences may defer PRONE TEMPLATE Expanded Beaded Polypro TCD Filmed Deck,High Grade Surlyn Slick Bottom Double Rails at 55/45,Crescent Tail and Channels Single, Double or Triple Graphite Stringer 3 x 22 x 11 x 18

JARED'S SURF STATION SUMMARY:"The X1 from Custom X is a board with a smooth ride and great response. The Expanded Beaded Polypro core helps give the board a stiffer, but a more lightweight feel. The double rails on this board, 55/45, offer the perfect balance of speed and control. This board also comes with a double graphite stringer set-up, allowing the board to have a great amount of stiffness. This board is made for big waves and fast sections!"