Element Ray Barbee Nerd S/S T-Shirt

Flex core lines from legendary skater, musician and photographer, Ray Barbee. His signature short sleeve plaid shirt brings modern function to the classic with the addition of Element Flex, letting you ride without restrictions. With a little bit of stretch Element Flex is comfortable for skateboarding, chilling, and everything in between. As part of his signature collection, this style was designed with and endorsed by Ray Barbee.With a skateboarding legacy that stretches back to the 1980s, Ray Barbee has been doing things right for decades. From the time Barbee broke out on the scene in the '88 Powell-Peralta classic, Public Domain% street skating would never be the same. Style matters and Barbee has plenty to spare. Ray has also translated the creative energy he pours into his skating into other endeavors as well; behind a lens and on a guitar he is as smooth as he is on a board. Safe to say, if Ray's doing it, it's sure to come out classic. , Short Sleeve Poly Cotton Barbee Plaid Shirt, 65% Cotton 35% Polyester, Machine Wash - Please follow instructions, Model wears Medium Tops and 32" Trousers / Pants, Height 184cm - 6' 0.5", Chest 97cm - 38", Waist 80cm - 31"