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Futures QD2

Fin Setup: Quad Rear
Fin Type: Futures
Fin Size: 3.75"

Futures QD2 3.75 Flat Quad Rear Fin Set


The Futures Fins QD2 3.75'' Flat Honeycomb Quad Rears Fin Set is the two rear trailer fins of a quad set that can be combined with the side fins from your thruster set or another quad set to create endless combinations of fin configurations.

More Info

A lightweight hexagonal core gives these fins the feel of glass-ons. Engineered with a medium flex pattern, stiffer than Blackstix but more flexible than Fiberglass. Height: 3.76 in Base: 3.77 in Area: 10.73 sq in Foil: Flat Size: Small Fins in set: 2 Material: Honeycomb

Sizing Guide
FCS Fin Size Chart Fin Size
Under 120lbs XS
140 - 155lbs M
165 - 200lbs L
190lbs+ XL
Futures Fin Size Chart Fin Size
75 - 115lbs XS
105 - 155lbs S
145 - 195lbs M
180lbs+ L
Longboard Fin Size Chart
Board Size Fin Size
6' - 6'11" 6" +/-
7' - 7'11" 7" +/-
8' - 8'11" 8" +/-
9' & up 9" +/-
*Tip - check what size longboard fin box you have to make sure you order a correct fit. If you have any questions please contact our live help team or email support@surf-station.com
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