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Hamboard Pinger 67" Surf Skate Skateboard - Bamboo Smoke Stacks

This is a Hamboard Pinger 67" Surf Skate Skateboard - Bamboo Smoke Stacks

The Pinger takes a minimalistic approach akin to classic surfboards. Simple yet aesthetically stunning, the deck is a torsion flex with a wing pintail carved out of natural bamboo for the right balance of springy stretch and stability. 

The teardrop bamboo canvas measuring an awe-inspiring 5ft 7 in, (the second largest in the Hamboards quiver) captures the shape and feel of the timeless surfboards that first tamed the Banzai Pipeline of North Shore Oahu. (Like the one with the lightning bolt.)

This is a dream board for anyone who wants to work on footwork, cross-stepping, noseriding or loves more speed release out of turns. 

Pinger features a 19mm hand-crafted bamboo deck with aggressive lines.  The patented 200mm HST Carving trucks with our strongest gold springs and massive 90mm cast polyurethane wheels offer a ride that is shockingly familiar to longboard surfers and longboard SUP Surfers alike. This surfskate is a head-turning longboard surfskate board.