Hubboards Hubb PP Pro 42'' Polypro Crescent Tail Bodyboard, Black/Purple

Deck: Black Slick: Purple Rails: Black Pinstripe: Black The Hubb Edition PP Pro possesses a remarkable blend of quality materials, shapes and features that will allow riders of all skill levels to improve and continuously push their surfing abilities to the highest levels possible. the Polypro core, Surlyn Slick, Mesh, Single SSS Stringer, combined with Jeff's signature shape, all but guarantee that this board can fly. CORE: Polypro (PP) SLICK: Surlyn FEATURES: Single SSS Stringer, Mesh, Graduated Channels. TAIL: Crescent Tail JARED'S SURF STATION SUMMARY:"This board offers something for everybody regardless of your skill level. All the features come together to offer a board that allows all riders to improve and become better! Jeff Hubbard has made this board his signature shape, so if you have this board be ready to fly!"