Inspired C3 Hybrid (Bullet FIsh) 5'9 x 19 7/8 x 2 3/8 Used Surfboard

5-9 x 13 3/4"N x 19 7/8"W x 15 1/6"T

Handshaped C3 carbon fiber cork hybrid fish from the same board builders as Lost C3..

Flat Deck with footwells, full rails to carry volume, and speed through sections and over flats.  Pulled in swallow tail to facillitate roundhouse cutbacks.

No Dings.  Approx 29-30L of volume, plus added buoyancy of EPS epoxy.  Great for small speedy waves.

Con. for Brian Hornung


Used Board Condition

Condition 9 - A new surfboard or like new. In great condition. A few possible minor surface scratches, minor off coloring, or imperfections, so this surfboard cannot be called a 10.