LifeProof Fre iPhone 5 Case White

LifeProof for iPhone 5 is the thinnest, lightest, strongest all-protective case ever created. delivers the water-proof, dirt-proof, snow-proof and shock-proof protection you expect from LifeProof, and so much more.,Every feature has been designed to work seamlessly with your iPhone 5 touch screen, camera, buttons, microphones and speakers. The incredibly low profile adds a mere 1.5 mm to each edge, and the sleek silhouette showcases your iPhone 5's already legendary design.,LifeProof is deeply committed to creating products that excel in every dimension. True to that commitment, we designed the world's smartest case for the world's smartest phone.,The Four Proofs: , Water Proof submergible to 6.6' (2m) for up to 30 minutes, Dirt Proof totally sealed against minute dirt & dust ingress, Snow Proof fully enclosed to keep melting snow, sleet and ice out, Shock Proof withstands drop impacts from up to 6.6' (2m),Design: The thinnest, lightest, toughest, most functional all-protective phone case available,Function: Restriction-free access to all functions, buttons, controls and ports,Profile: Stays true to the iPhone 5's sleek profile,Aesthetics: Rear window highlights the iPhone's design and proclaims your Apple allegiance,Optics: CrystalClear double AR-coated optical-glass lens for distortion-free photos and videos,Acoustics: Exclusive %Sound Enhancement System' delivers maximum sound output and clarity,Materials: Crafted from advanced materials for optimal protection, style and durability never sticks to pockets or collects lint,Technology: Built with everything we knew about protection, plus everything we needed to invent to make it better,In the Box: case, cleaning cloth, headphone adaptor and headphone jack cover keeper,Compatibility: Works with all iPhone 5 models and carriers,To give you the confidence to go everywhere and do everything with your iPhone 5, we water test every case we make. Then, we send it to an independent agent for additional testing, including a second water test on randomly selected cases. Only cases that pass are shipped. At LifeProof, we use our cases everyday for everything, and if we trust %em, you can too!,MEETS OR EXCEEDS THESE SPECIFICATIONS:,Military Standard 810F-516,MIL STD 810 F is the standard that addresses a broad range of environmental conditions, with MIL STD 810F-516 being the section of the standard that is specific to functional drop. This standard requires that the item can physically and functionally withstand the relatively infrequent, non-repetitive shocks encountered in handling, transportation, and service environments. This may include an assessment of the overall material system integrity for safety purposes in any one or all of the handling, transportation, and service environments.,IP-68,IEL 60529 is the standard for Ingress Protection from water and dust for enclosures. IP-68 is the most rigorous classification in this specification. The first characteristic number describes protection from solid foreign objects. An enclosure with a characteristic number of 6 can withstand exposure to circulating talcum powder for 8 hours with no dust ingress after that period. The second characteristic number describes protection against water. An enclosure with a characteristic number of 8 exceeds all other water protection levels and is specified by the manufacturer. For LifeProof, number 8 signifies LifeProof cases will withstand immersion in water to a depth of 2 meters / 6.6 feet for 30 minutes.