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Maddog Fish 5'10 Used Surfboard


Maddog Fish 5'10 x 21 1/2 x 2 5/8 Used Surfboard

Board is in well used condition.  All dings appear to be sealed water tight and sanded smooth, professional repairs to the nose and rail are good as new but have a white coloring.  A few other home-done repairs including one large repair to the bottom of the deck and one to the rail both seem water tight and ready for use.  Home painted design over the glass, no major structural damage, this board still has tons of life left in it if you don't mind a little wear.  Comes as a 3-fin Futures fin box setup with two F6 Futures stock fins included, made of standard PU construction.

(Con. for Andrew Gregorie)

Used Board Condition

Condition 6 - Although this board is worn or old, there is still some life left in this surfboard. Repaired dings are satisfactorily repaired by some surfers standards.