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Mike Stewart Science Pocket LTD F4 42" Bodyboard - Black/Electric Blue

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Black/Electric Blue

The Pocket (Control): Optimize performance where the energy converges, “in the pocket of the wave.”

This highly maneuverable yet super controllable shape allows optimal performance in the critical energy zone or the “pocket” of the wave. Accelerate at will, the pocket smoothly transitions from rail to rail, and effortlessly links move together.

This is your board for hitting sections tight to the pocket. Easily launch out of the bowl for your favorite move or anything else you can imagine. This template is all about being in control of your board and maneuvering in and around the pocket.

Channels: MS Channels 
Gradual entry but its surface area remains constant throughout the water flow. With water flow when you increase surface, going from flat bottom to concave (channel) this creates drag and slows down the board. With the MS Channels, two things occur. 
1. Smooth Entry into the channel. 
2. No drag producing added surface area

Specs: Flex Factor F4

  • Core: Kinetic Polypro Core (PP)
  • Deck: Wavecushion Air 8lb. PE Deck
  • Stringer: 1x RCS Stringer
  • Slick: Surlyn 
  • Channels: MS Vent Channels

Additional Features:

  • 55/45 Double Rails
  • Slick Mesh
  • Nose Bulbs
  • MS Elbow Locks Contour