Mike Stewart Viper Orange/Yellow Dot Swim Fins

Designed, tested and worn by Mike Stewart, the greatest bodyboarder of all time. These powerful fins have a shorter, wider delta blade for less drag, improved control and increased acceleration. They also feature bevelled side rails, rivet grip traction on fin bottom, drainage holes and they float, in case you don't wear finsavers., FEATURES:, Greater flex properties due to softer rubber compound, Wider, shorter blade design for quick acceleration. Beveled sidewalls improve control. Delta tail design; which I have found to enhance control and minimize drag. Maximum foot pocket drainage eliminates any sand or pebbles in your kick. Rivet grip tread enhances footing on slippery rocks yet won't snag on coral or sharp objects. All VIPER surfing fins float high and are visible in the roughest surf conditions. All VIPER surfing fins are made of superior 100% natural rubber compounds. Boxed in a sturdy recycled cardboard and printed with soy base ink.,JARED'S SURF STATION SUMMARY: ,,Designed by the best bodyboarder ever! Mike Stewart's Viper swim fins are truly one of the best names in the water when it comes to swim fins. The new technology comes with a Delta tail that increases the hydrodynamics of the fins, and also decreases drag. They are also extremely flexable! The Vipers' are a fin that is a must have in today's bodyboarding! You can find them here!