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Length: 7'10"
Width: 22 1/8"
Thickness: 3 1/8"
Fin Setup: Tri Fin FCS II
Tech: Poly
Tail Shape: Pin

Neilson Mid-Length Surfboard

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The Neilson Mid-Length Surfboard is a foiled nose and tail with double concaves for speed and drive. Good for floatation, paddling, learning to surf. This model lets you take a board reserved for cruising and learning and turns it into a board the experienced surfer can rip on. Good to have in anyones quiver for the slower hard to catch waves or those good days where it is a longer period swell. Let's you in early to get down the line and have fun on a day where normally on a short board it just seems like a closeouts.

The cost of shipping a surfboard depends on the size of the surfboard as well as the destination. Check out our Surfboard Shipping Table below.

Can I return a Surfboard?

  • The board must have NEVER have been ridden, used, waxed or damaged in any way.
  • Customer is responsible for ALL shipping/custom charges to return/exchange.
  • $50 restocking fee will be charged for all returned surfboards.
  • The board must be returned/exchanged within 10 business days of purchase.
  • We strongly recommend insuring all returned or exchanged orders.
  • We are NOT responsible for any returned board that are damaged/lost in transit.
  • Any damage sustained upon return will be deducted from the refund amount. 

Does the Surfboard come with fins?

• Typically not, unless stated in the Product Description that fins are included.

What is the right Surfboard for me?

• It depends on things like height, weight and experience level. Check out our Surfboard Volume Calculator to find the right size board for you.

Can I Custom Order a Surfboard?

• Yes, we do have direct lines with a lot of the board manufacturers and can submit a custom order. Please fill out our Custom Surfboard Order Form if interested.