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Pit Viper Hail Sagan XS Boy's Sunglasses


Pit Viper Hail Sagan XS Boy's Sunglasses:Ever wonder if your kids have the same school experiences that you did? Like do they still wheel out that lil boxy TV on days your teacher is hungover, and throw on Cosmos? With these XS Pit Vipers you can give your kid that same joyous feeling. Our new XS line brings the same durability and adjustability of Pit Vipers to the little faces out there who are sending it big.

Suggested Age Range: 6-8 years old


  • UVA & UVB Protection: 100%
  • Light Transmission: 14.7%
  • Lens: 2.2MM Polycarbonate
  • Look Thru Color: Brown
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