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Pyzel Shadow 5'8 Model

Length: 5'8"
Width: 18 1/2"
Thickness: 2 1/4"
Volume: 24.80
Fin Setup: Tri Fin FCS II
Tech: Poly
Tail Shape: Squash

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Pyzel Shadow Surfboard

Size Guide

The Pyzel Shadow聽surfboard is designed to give you all the advantages a wider, forward outlined type of board but in a more streamlined package.

The Shadow features our version of a high performance outline of the Ghost family, but with the wide point at center not back. We pulled in the nose outline of the Ghost family, but with the wide point at center not back. We pulled in the nose by almost 陆 inch and added some extra rocker through the last 12始始 in the nose to keep it a bit more free through critical turns. It also has a gentle hip and the squash tail is pulled in a touch more to help tighten the turning radius and add some extra spark. The tail rocker and bottom concaves remain nearly identical to the Phantom, which has proven to work really well in everyday conditions world wide. The thickness flow, or foil, is different than most other high performance shortboards, keeping the volume a little bit in front of the center, but not overly exaggerated. This added foam under the chest area not only helps add paddle power, but it also gives you extra float under your front foot in slower sections which translates to more speed and flow. We recommend riding the Shadow about an inch longer than your height and in your favorite high performance dimensions. We are offering a special signed and numbered edition of 50 Shadows with custom automotive grade blackout paint and handmade logos applied by Jon Pyzel. This special edition will only be offered to select retailers as an early preview of our next addition to the Ghost family.

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