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    Quiksilver AG47 Performance Chest Zip 3/2 mm Men's Fullsuit


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    The Quiksilver AG47 Performance Chest Zip 3/2 mm Men's Fullsuit, here are thenuts and bolts,Model: AG47 performance steamer,Fit: Fullsuit,Entry: chest zip,Thickness: 3/2mm,F'N Lite neoprene: is packed with air cells for the lightest of lightweight warmth

    More Info

    Dry Flight far infrared heat technology thermal lining retains body heat by conducting it back into the lining,Red Seal Seam is a thin, ultra-light & flexible seam sealant that gives water tight reinforcement,Thermal Smoothie Neoprene: Wind & water repellent to keep you warmer,Hydrolock seam seal system for thinner, lighter & more flexible seams, sealed with liquid tape to prevent leaks,Water-Block Semi Dry Zip: Featuring coated, off-set teeth to create a watertight seal that minimizes zip flush,Flush Lock 2.0 Seals: Helps prevent flushing through the wrists and ankles,Fused Edge: Beveled edges on the neck, wrists and ankles create a seal so water flushes over and not into the suit,Ecto-Flex Knee pads: Durable, lightweight and flexible outer knee pads that protect you and your board,Glideskin Neck Seal: Ultra smooth neoprene liner for superior comfort along with a watertight seal,Internal key pocket that keeps your keys safe and sound,Suitable for water temperatures of 15C +/59F +,This is a guide only: Weather, sensitivity to the cold and conditions at your local break will affect temperatures & choice of equipment,Composition,92% Nylon/Polyamide, 8% Elastane,

    Sizing Guide
      Ht. Lbs Chest Waist
    XS 5'4-5'6 168-173 37" 30"
    S 5'6-5'8 175-183 37" 30"
    ST 5'9-6'0 170-175 38" 31"
    MS 5-7-5'9 173-178 39" 32"
    M 5'8-5'10 125-135 35.5" 29"
    5'11-6'1 180-185 39" 32"
    MLS  5'6-5'8 168-173 40" 33"
    ML  5'9-5'11 175-180 40" 33"
    LS 5'7-5'9 170-175 41" 34"
    5'10-6'0 178-183 41" 34"
    LT  6'1-6'3 185-191  41" 34"
    XLS  5'8-5'10  173-178  43" 36"
    XL  5'11-6'2 180-188  43" 36"
    6'3-6'6 191-198 43" 38"
    2XLS  5'9-6'0 175-183 45" 38" 
    2XL  5'9-6'0 183-191 45" 38"
    3XLS  5'10-6'1 178-185 49" 42"
    6'1-6'6 185-198 49" 42"
    4XL 6'1-6'6 185-198 53" 46"

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    Why is my wetsuit creased?

    • Wetsuits are often folded to allow for shipping. If you notice a crease, simply lay the suit in the sun for a short period of time or go surf!

    What is the right size wetsuit for me?

    • Check out our Wetsuit Size Guide to find your specifications and the right suit for you.

    Does the wetsuit come with any accessories?

    No, but we offer a great selection of wetsuit acessories.

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