Rainbow Poche Women's Sandals - Black

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Burlap think gunny sack, Yep they made a sandal out of it!, Burlap Top Sole Single Layer Arch Double Stitched Bonded Nylon Thread Box X Toe Construction Triple Glued Non-Slip Bottom Sole Original Rainbow Woven Label,Burlap, made from the Jute Plant is a coarse but comfortable material Rainbow turned into a sandal with a laid back look and feel. They are the single layer midsole with arch support and durable box X stitching pattern.,The nylon toe piece is secured by triple gluing the layers together, they also use bonded nylon thread so that it won't fray or pull out of the strap. They are also double stitched around the sole of the footbed to prevent fraying.,The bottom sole is a non-slip Rainbow bottom and this sandal is finished off with the Original Rainbow woven label on the right toe.

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