Rainbow T-Street Women's Sandals

Dark Brown
Premier Leather,Single Layer Arch Support,Center Braided Strap,Ankle Strap Buckle Attachment,Box X Toe Construction,Double Stitched,Bonded Nylon Thread,Embossed Rainbow Logo,Original Rainbow Woven Label, , ,The T-Street is offered in Premier leather, the top sole as well as the braided and ankle straps are made with the highest quality of materials and hand craftsmanship. ,The structure is our single layer midsole with an arch support, the box X toe construction is nylon, and is sewn using our double stitched pattern with bonded nylon thread. We use the best quality so the thread won't fray or pull out. ,The strap is braided down the center of the foot, connecting to an adjustable ankle strap that has an elastic buckle attachment for comfort. The right sandal proudly displays our Original Rainbow woven label. The top sole is embossed with the Rainbow logo and all of the layers are triple glued for maximum durability.