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Rick UFO Stubby 8'5 Collector Surfboard


Rick Surfboards UFO Stubby 8'5 x 22 1/2 x 3 Used Collector Surfboard

Rick Surfboards dates all the way back to 1961. The company and founder Rick Stoner - a former Coast Guard vet and Lieutenant of the LA County Lifeguards  Organization - designed 2 famous models that were Championship winners (one of which ranked 8th in the World Championships). The business was sold by 1974. The company was only in business for 13 years before being sold. This is definitely a piece of surfing history to say the least. There has been multiple repairs to the deck, rails and bottom due to its age. The repairs are glassed over well, however. The fin box has also been glassed over. Super heavy glassing. Each flaw features its age, history and story.