Science 2016 Launch PP Bodyboard 40.5'' - Jet Black

The Launch ( Speed ) : The Fastest board in our lineup.,A straighter template designed to be exceedingly fast through all sections with the simple aim to launch you as high as humanly possible. The Launch also holds a strong rail in deep hollow barrels where driving speed is a must.,Aim for a section,be it down the line of a deep pit or towards a lip to accelerate you skyward, the Launch will get you there very quickly.,Sizes, 38.5, 39.5, 40.5, 41.5, 42.5,Template, Launch,Deck, CelluCushion 8lb PE,RAILS, 55/45,Slick, HDPE,Tail, Crescent Tail,Additional Features, 1x RCS Stringer, Nose Bulbs, Graduated Channels, Screened Deck / Slick Print,JARED'S SURF STATION SUMMARY: ,,"The fastest board in the whole 2014 Science Bodyboard lineup! This board has a straighter template to be very fast through all sections of the wave and a great aim to launch you and the board even higher than ever before! The rails are perfect for holding good speed on crucial lines in deep, hollow barrels. Top of the line board for big airs and maneuvers!"