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Sector 9 Nineballs 72mm Slalom 85a Cruiser Wheels - Blue

Sector 9 Nineballs 72mm Slalom 78a Cruiser Wheels - Blue

This wheel is meant to go fast and stay in control. For this, you want a big wheel with a lot of contact with the pavement. Carving/cruising wheels meet the needs of many different skate disciplines but generally, have a good roll speed and are soft enough to handle craggy streets riddled with cracks and rocks. With a square lip,


  • Top Shelf Formula - Sector 9's premium quality Urethane formula that provides you with an ultra-smooth and evenly wearing wheel to keep you rolling for years to com
  • Offset Cores - that offer a more forgiving slide initiation and hookup, while still providing ample grip and control in your slide.
  • Square Lip   grip allowing you to carve deeper and take tight lines around corners without worrying about losing traction. 
  •  they have a The natural shiny finish provides extra grip for railing corners and is more responsive when pumping/carving compared to wheels with a stone ground finish.