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Skindog Peacemaker Thunderbolt Surfboard


The Skindog Peacemaker Thunderbolt Surfboard bridges the gap between traditional and performance longboarding.

The Peacemaker features show clear characteristics from both ends of the longboarding spectrum. A big concave through the nose running down into the back third of the board, flowing into a V inside a double concave through the tail. This combination results in creating massive lift whilst on the nose and responsive turns whilst tail surfing. The rails are key allowing you the ability to surf this board any way you like, with a lifted Apex in the rail through the nose gradually blending into a low apex and edge through the tail, giving you great response off the tail when you want it and the feel you expect from a classic traditional design when in trim or up front.

The combination of a wider nose, magic rocker and a rounded pin tail gives this model incredible glide and stability on the nose, with the ability to flow through sections from anywhere you stand, making this the most responsive traditional longboard in the Skindog lineup.