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Stewart Maxcy Woody A-Frame Original Art Collector Surfboard

Stewart Maxcy Matanzas Original Art Collector Surfboard
  • This is an Upcycled Used Surfboard fthat has been converted into an Art Piece. Art is not meant to be surfed
  • All Stewart Maxcy Art Surfboards come ready to hang.

Stewart Maxcy is probably best known for his 37 year career with the Flagler County School system. He moved to Flagler in 1977 and was the "art teacher" for 11 years. Teaching kept him busy and yet, even when he became a principal and district level administrator, he still made time for his artwork. He has done cartoons, illustrations for books and magazines, murals, trompe l'oeil, silkscreen design and much more. As a recent retiree, Stewart can devote more time to his artistic passion. His favorite subjects are paintings of the local marshes, waterways, and beaches, as well as the wildlife found in and around these waters. You are invited to lose yourself in his natural and unspoiled tranquil settings. We hope you find them as relaxing as we do.

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