Surf Station Fiberglass Standard 10" Longboard Fin - Black

The Surf Station Standard is a very versatile longboard fin. It has moderate rake, is strong and stiff, but with a very slight flex. It is built for a combination of noseriding & turning, and will also give a great amount of hold when locked in the pocket. You can ride this fin smaller with side bites, or ride it in one of the larger sizes, as a single fin. It is a great all-around classic fin, great for the person who wants one fin that does everything well. Built of fiberglass throughout for strength, repairability, and more. The Surf Station Standard is a great value. It is the most cost efficient fiberglass fin of all fins of any brand offered by The Surf Station. Available in sizes from 6' to 10' for all shapes and sizes of surfboards. Ask one of our experts to help you choose the correct size for you.