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Surfboards by Dewey Webber 6'2 Collector's Surfboard

Surfboards by Dewey Webber 6'2 Collector's Surfboard Available Now at the Surf Station!

It's difficult to speak about the history of surfing without mentioning 1960's legend Dewey Weber. A pioneer in the industry, Weber was known for his unique and exaggerated style, often referred to as "the Original Hotdogger". Weber opened his first surfboard showroom in Venice, CA back in 1960, where it remains family owned and operated to this day. 

This particular Dewey Weber surfboard is likely from the transitionary period of surfboard building, as boards trended toward being shorter and more maneuverable. This shape has a healthy amount of discoloration, indicative of its age. This board features a heavy glass job with plenty of swing weight, a winged swallow tail, and a single fin box. 

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