Triple X The Avenger 41'' Bat Tail Bodyboard - Red


Triple X The Avenger 41'' Bat Tail Bodyboard (Leash Included) - Red

The Avenger from Triple X is the perfect choice for the intermediate to advanced rider who craves performance and wants nothing to hold their natural progression on a bodyboard back. Simple design features make the Avenger a dependable ride, but don't be fooled with simplicity. We have trimmed and sanded, planed and tuned on this thing until the template was just right. The Polypro core is super strong and the Crosslink decking has less than 1% water absorption. The Slick HDPP bottom is stiff, fast and dependable, grab one to find out for yourself!,Core: HDPP High Density Polypropylene Core material is designed for speed and projection. Its durability is unrivalled by any other core. Lightweight and rigid, this core will perform exceptionally well in warmer waters where other cores become slow and unresponsive.,Deck: XPE Crosslink decking is a denser, more compact foam that absorbs very little water and is therefore very durable.,Slick: The HD Channeled Slick is a hardened slick material that is durable and fast, yet still super responsive.,Tail: Available Bat or Crescent Tail,Channels: Graduated Channels will greatly enhance control and drive, ensuring the rider has maximum command over their board when bottom turning, trimming and transitioning from rail to rail.,Additional Features: 60/40 rails, sick graphics and coiled double swivel bicep leash.

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