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VS Double Coil Bicep Leash

,*This size chart was made by the Surf Station. Personal sizes, or preferences may defer.,The VS Bicep leash is designed for high performance riding, and has an extremely comfortable neoprene padded strap, a heavy duty 7mm thick coil and double marine-grade stainless steel swivels.,-360 degree rotation Double Stainless Steel Swiveled leash,-Neoprene padded strap,-Rail Saver,-7mm thick coils,-Heavy Duty Leash Plug with easy top access.,JARED'S SURF STATION SUMMARY: ,,"The VS bicep leash comes with a 360 degree swivel, which helps the leash turn on it's own when you move your arm. The cuff is made of neoprene padding, and has 7mm thick coils. This leash is very heavy duty, and can take hard impacts. Plus it is very comfortable!"