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Watershot Splash Waterproof Housing for iPhone 5/5s/5c - Pink

The SPLASH housing for iPhone 5/5s/5c is part of the new Watershot SPLASH line of housings (iPhone 6 version to launch in spring 2015). Touch screen capable and created for all day use in and around the water. For the water enthusiast, the new Watershot SPLASH model is a welcome addition. Standing apart as a more multifunctional housing, it features touchscreen access above water, access to power and volume controls in water for shutter use, more compact design and comes complete with two high quality glass lenses - flat and wide angle! The simplicity of phone installation allows users to drop their phone into the SPLASH and leave it all day for water protection and phone use while still capturing the quality images and video Watershot housings are known for. The robust housing features a tripod mount, lanyard, a depth rating of 33 feet (10 Meters).