Richie Buehn Surfboards

Buehn surfboards are 100% handcrafted by Richie Buehn personally. Though he began his surfboard career as a shaper, his need for quality control led him to become proficient in all phases of construction. Years as a sailboard and boat builder convinced him of the superiority of epoxy construction and all Buehn boards are built using EPS foam and Epoxy resin excusively. After much research and development with sandwich construction and vacuum bagging techniques, the bamboo veneer decks proved to have the best weight to strength to cost ratio with the added aesthetic beauty of the bamboo grain. You can be sure each board received Richie’s personal attention and passed a rigorous quality standard. These shapes are specially designed to perform In the East coast’s prevailing conditions with an emphasis on ease of catching waves and speed using a full length release edge and concave, balanced with maneuverability by virtue of their light weight and rocker profile.

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