Surf Station Super 8 Surfboard


Surf Station Super 8 Surfboard Model Description: The Super 8 is a multi-faceted surfboard.   For one, it answers the age old question “I’m learning to surf, what new surfboard should I start out with?”  See, with your first board you want a board glassed a little stronger, about 2′ over your height (the board can be as little as 1 foot over, or as much as 4 feet, but 2-3 feet over your head is ideal when learning), has slightly more rocker, and no hard edges to hurt you. The Super 8 has good nose rocker. It is a little wider and thicker (for float and glide), and is made out of rarely used 8 oz fiberglass for strength, and that classic surfboard feel.  The rails are soft and forgiving, and the tail of this board is a popular rounded squash tail design. But this surfboard is not just for beginners. It is chosen over and over by intermediates and advanced surfers who want a surfboard that will last a little longer, can handle larger surf easily, and is looking for that classic glide & ride. Future Fins and boxes are used exclusively in the Super 8, for extra strength and quality. The Super 8 Surfboard is available in sizes from 6’6″ all the way up to 8’6″ and has earned it’s way to become the #1 best seller in the Surf Station Surfboard line up. 


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