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  • Channel Islands Dumpster Diver 2 Surfboard

    by Brian Brown March 15, 2024 2 min read

    Remember Taylor Steele's early 2000s films? Of course you do.

    Who can forget Rob Machado, Kelly Slater, Benji Weatherly, and co trying their hand at acting in hit movies like "Loose Change" and "The Show"?

    Well, this is the best thing since that.

    The Chapter 11 crew, including Tim Curran (who starred in the OG Taylor Steele films), came together to script a hilarious advertisement for the release of the Channel Islands' Neckbeard 2.0, borrowing inspiration from Steele, and absolutely crushing the concept.

    In it (above), we see Dane Reynolds stumble upon a "Small Wave Support Group" in Ventura, where Curran, Sage Erickson, Merrick and more are meeting about their addiction to subpar surf. While we don't want to spoil the clip, let's just say that when Reynolds walks in uninvited, all hell breaks loose.

    Is this the best surfer scripted fight since Shane Dorian breaks a bottle over Kalani Robb's head in The Saloon in Encinitas in "Loose Change"? (See 12:32 below).

    Technically, the original Dumpster Diver was a short, fat squaretail, which eventually became the Neck Beard. I rode that board in Mexico and really liked it. I was coming home to do the Lowers contest and the forecast looked like it was gonna be waist-chest high, so I wanted to ride the board I’d been riding in Mexico. But back then, there was a weird thing about riding a groveler in a contest. Everybody thought you wouldn’t get scored if you were on a groveler. So with that in mind, I kind of tried to disguise a groveler as a shortboard by carving out a high performance shortboard nose onto the back end of the Dumpster Diver and then refining the tail a bit.

    And that’s what I rode in the contest. And then I brought it back out when I did that project last year, Out of the Rafters, I was just blown away that I rode that thing in the contest. It is insane. Paddling-wise, it feels like you’re on a skimboard. It’s so tiny. The curves are so extreme and I imagine the production version was probably built out to be way more user friendly, because that a lot of people love the Dumpster Diver, but that original one that I rode is insane, a Frankenstein board.

    After that, I hit up Brit and was like, ‘hey, let’s do a Dumpster Diver, but like stretch it out a couple inches.’ The original was 5’7″ and I stretched out to 5’10” and built a more modern nose and instantly liked it. The idea was to use the rocker profile that was magic for a lot of people but rework to get it more modern. And then we started kind of playing with different rail lines and stuff to kind of compensate for the three inches longer. And it became my favorite board.

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    Channel Islands Dumpster Diver 2 Surfboard

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