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May 15, 2017 2 min read

Waves are flat but you still want to shred?? Slide Skateboards has you covered when it comes to flat day fun! Sancheski Manufacturing in Norther Spain has been producing skateboards since 1966 and has applied their year's of expertise to the new "Slide" truck which debuted in 2016. The spring-loaded, multi-directional truck is what gives the Slide Skateboards the awesome feeling of riding a wave! This board actually allows you to pump and turn just like you would on your favorite surfboard model at your home break. A simple turn of a wrench allows the rider to adjust the Slide trucks to his or her liking and ability level. Practice pumping down the line, cutbacks, carves and snaps even when the waves are flat in the middle of summer. Don't believe us? Come in to try one of our demo models here at The Surf Station! The pros at Slide say:

"Improve your surfing or find the next best thing to surfing if you cant get to the beach. Slide Surf Skateboards are designed & developed in Spain and brought to you by Hot Buttered. The newly developed front truck for performance and precision skating brings you so much closer to surfing on concrete. The moving front truck encourages the rider to pump and generate speed like they normally would on a surfboard – these skates are the real thing."

Slide Surf Skate is the passion of Taiwanese founder June Liu. Working with young surfer skaters, June’s creative vision oversaw the development of the ‘spring loaded multi-directional truck’ which was the genesis of the Truck that powers Slide today. Testing and engineering research and development ensures the best tempered steel and moulding methods are used to ensure the very best production. [gallery ids="94754,94755,94756,94757,94758,94759"]

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