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Sun Bum Hair Care Review

June 10, 2015 2 min read

Lisa2Sun Bum has done it again, they’ve made me fall in love with another sunny day product. This Spring they released their hair care products. It’s not a huge line but pretty much covers everything us sun damaged, salty haired girls love. The first thing I used was the 3-in-1 leave in beach formula. Immediately I noticed the beachy, coconut smell. It never gets old! It’s supposed to help nourish your sun-damaged hair, detangle, and help your sun kissed color last. I’ve noticed all of the above. I may or may not brush my hair every day but I can tell you that most days I’m tangle free and smelling fresh! No complaints there. They also offer a Sea Spray and a Shine On Control. The Sea Spray is a typical product that adds body and texture for that beachy look. It has a very light texture and once again, they’re killing it with the coconut smell. The Shine On is an oil treatment. Little heavier and if you use too much it leaves the hair a bit greasy. Tread lightly and you’ll love the outcome. Silky, shiny, and stronger hair. I’m obviously a big fan of all of their products and there’s nothing I love more than a limited ingredient product. Most of the hair care products contain a variety of with sea kelp, argon oil, seaweed, coconut oil, banana, quinoa protein and/or sunflower seed oil. So if you’re looking for a little ingredient approval, there you have it. I always like to remind the customers that Sun Bum has a lot to admire. They defer to the recommendation of the Skin Cancer Foundation, the CDC and the FDA when choosing active ingredients. Well done Sun Bum, “the next time you’re out in the sun, protect your lazy ass and grow old with us.” – Sun Bum SHOP OUR FULL LINE OF SUN BUM PRODUCTS