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    by Brian Brown February 28, 2024 1 min read

     Step into the surreal world of 'Motel Hell': a 45-minute cult classic from Dave Fox and Harry Bryant that's equal parts horror and surf thrill. Haz, lost in a desert dreamscape, stumbles upon a mysterious oasis—a hotel hidden in the dunes. A glass of enigmatic milk becomes his ticket to a whirlwind global adventure, where familiar faces greet him. But is this all a dream or Harry's motel hell? Haz rides mind bending barrels in Ireland, Morocco, Indonesia, and remote Australia, lock yourself into motel hell. ​

    Featuring : Harry Bryant, Wade Goodall, Eithan Osborne, Tom Lowe, Dion Agius, Shaun Manners, Holly Wawn, Craig Anderson, Rolando Montes, David Fields, Benny Wooshka, Edward Melinz, Carcass.

    Filmed by : Dave Fox, James Kates, Joao Tudella. Additional footage: Carlo Coral, Andy Gough, Wade Carol, Ben Bettridge, Dion Agius, Clem Mcinerny, Jack Taylor, Tyge Landa, Jack Bury.

    Original score by : The M1, Jay Drury, Russel W, Tim Yatras, Jordan Ireland, Steve Mavridis, Boz Shak, Luke Player, James Kates. Mixed and mastered at Sranded by Bowen Shakallis. Additional Music: Low Life - Cza, Published by Low Life. Total Control - Cathy and Marg, Published by Low Life. Party Dozen - Major Beef, Published by Jonothan Boulet and Kristy Tickle. Party Dozen - The Iron Boot, published by Jonothan Boulet and Kristy Tickle. Shining Bird - Deadlands, published by Shining Bird

    Colour grade: Ferg Rotherham.

    Graphics: Luke Player

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