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  • Britt Breakdown: Channel Islands Eco Carbon Tech

    by Brian Brown June 19, 2024 1 min read

    Introducing Channel Islands Surfboards’ Eco Carbon Tech (ECT): a new carbon hand-lamination that will level-up your performance. ECT built boards are livelier, stronger, familiar feeling underfoot, and environmentally responsible.

    ECT boards are hand-built by the same crew of surfers that have been crafting your boards for years. Available in PU/PE and EPS/Epoxy constructions, ECT can be custom ordered on any board—allowing your board to be built just for you and never leaving you stuck between sizes.

    For those wanting to take their surfing performance to the next level, look no further than Channel Islands’ ECT built boards.

    LIVELIER – Eco Carbon Tech’s (ECT) construction creates a Livelier PU/PE or EPS/Epoxy board – ECT construction uses a carbon resin that allows for a more traditional feeling flex pattern, albeit a more dynamic one that enhances any board’s performance

    STRONGER -15% stronger than standard lamination -Performance of a single layer of fiberglass—durability of two

    FAMILIAR – ECT is more familiar feeling than other type of carbon build – Most carbon-built boards are quite stiff, and don’t dent on the deck, which creates a rigid shell around the board—making its flex foreign feeling. -ECT enhances the level of performance you’ve been accustomed to from your standard shortboard construction

    ECT GLASSING -Stock: Single 6oz deck/4oz bottom (Pro Light) = Strength of 4+4 deck/4 bottom -Team: Single 4oz deck/4oz bottom (Team Light) = Strength of 6 deck/4 bottom

    SMALLER FOOTPRINT – Uses 90% less energy than virgin carbon fiber – Recycled carbon saves waste from going into landfills

    Cohosted by Peter Mel Edit is by Ryan Perry

    Click here to shop ECT Surfboards!

    Channel Islands ECT Surfboard


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